Norwegian Viking

Ole Kristian VĂ¥ga, Super Heavy weight bodybuilder

” Born and raised in Norway where I found out early on about my talent for strength and speed. The words bigger, faster and stronger is something that I think has been imprinted in my mind ever since I was a little boy, as I can recall from a very early age about my fascination for muscles and strength. This fascination has gradually built itself up, and still is, as my hunger for more knowledge, better results and better development is a major part of the person I am today. Not just in bodybuilding, but on all other arenas as well.

I started competing in bodybuilding in 2008, but my real hunger to reach a certain goal was not there until spring 2014. One can clearly say that the last three years I have been more focused, paid more attention to the details, eaten better, trained better and smarter, and all over just been a more dedicated athlete to reach my goals. I think we can all admit that staying focused on eating clean and training with progressive overload over time is much harder when you don’t have an end goal in site. But that’s the trick in bodybuilding. You always have an end goal it just depends how far it is. And that is where I come in to help athletes like you. Because if you can’t focus on making quality gains for however long it takes to get to where you want, you are literally wasting days eating like a rookie and not taking your goals seriously. Because how bad do you wanna be better? As that is what is all boils down to. Do you want to be better so badly that even months away from competing you can see it like you are to hit the stage tomorrow? Well then you better start today. Not Monday, not in 1 month, now!

As a competitive bodybuilder I have competed in everything from 74,8kg on stage in classic bodybuilding to 109kg in the SHW, getting top placings and wins in all the biggest shows like Loaded Cup Germany, Fujairah, Olympia Spain, Oslo Grand Prix, Sweden Grand Prix etc. So this season I hope to step up to the next level qualifying to go with the big boys for the 2018 season. Fingers crossed!

My coaching programs will give you a route into the life of an Athlete. The innovative training protocols, the diet and nutrition, the training support, opinions on nutrients and supplements along with the mindset required to succeed in building a good solid physique. The Will Power required to succeed whatever your endeavour, and the motivation behind the body.

Other than that I am a father of two, married and I work within the oil&gas industry.